Top Filta Franchisees Drive Growth and Earnings Across San Diego and Orange County, CA


In California, Filta Franchisees Ethan Cohen and Jason Sydlowski drive growth across San Diego and Orange County through extraordinary operations. Since 2011, these  top Filta franchisees have been able to harness their varied business backgrounds in restaurant delivery and real estate to become top performers across our Filta franchise system.

Top Filta Franchisee Earners

Today, 13 years later, they have expanded from one mobile van servicing a few commercial kitchens to 20 vans providing microfiltration and cooking oil recycling to more than 300 clients. Their territory ranges from San Diego north to Orange County. They consistently rank among the top earning franchisees in our system that boasts more than 130 owners.

Ethan Cohen

Right out of college in the early 1990s, Ethan opened a restaurant delivery service. This was before sophisticated internet algorithms and GPS tracking. It was just hard work. Ethan expanded his business from Tucson to Phoenix and on to Flagstaff. After moving back to San Diego in 1999 and acquiring a similar operation, he ended up selling his business to GrubHub in 2010. Shortly thereafter he became our San Diego Filta owner, along with his business partner, Jason Sydlowski.

Jason Sydlowski

Jason’s background began after college in 1999 internationally in the Caribbean and then Italy working in hospitality and tourism. He then relocated to Atlanta in the early 2000s where he took on a fellowship for a nonprofit organization in sustainable building/energy conservation then did home renovation and real estate in the area. In 2007, he relocated to Long Beach, California to continue in home renovation, in addition to starting a real estate partnership with his oldest brother. In 2011, he moved back to San Diego (where he lived after college) to purchase the then-owned franchise and began his partnership with Ethan in their Filta business a short time after.


Ethan and Jason have exponentially grown their business by dividing and conquering. They play to each other strengths to meet any challenge.

In a recent issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business, Ethan and Jason wrote about a particularly satisfying challenge: earning, keeping, and expanding their Ballast Point business. Not only an iconic brewery, Ballast Point offers a restaurant with high-end food. Their work with Ballast Point began in San Diego and expanded to Downtown Disney in Anaheim. Locations in Long Beach and San Francisco were the next ask, but those areas are outside Ethan and Jason’s territory. Bringing in other owners (Kathy Turner in Los Angeles and Adel Moradi in San Francisco) involved coordination and teamwork. Collectively, Filta is stronger together than operating alone. The results at all five Ballast Point locations speak for themselves and the four Filta owners – Ethan, Jason, Kathy and Adel – are proud to play on the same team.

Franchise Information

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