Waste Oil Removal & Recycling

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How FiltaBio Works

While some grease disposal companies use conventional disposal at designated landfills, this can prove hazardous to the environment. It may also require you to use conventional disposal bins or oil drums, which are both unpleasant to look at (especially for customers) and risk attracting pests.

Our FiltaBio waste oil removal service is provided to you as part of our FiltaFry filtration service with no additional charge. We remove the oil directly from your fryers without the need for bins or drums. We then take your used cooking oil to get recycled into biodiesel, an alternative fuel that produces fewer air pollutants than petroleum-based diesel fuel.

Say Goodbye To Stinky Waste Oil Bins

The Benefits of FiltaBio

As a customer, you can look forward to the following benefits from our waste oil removal service:


While oil filtration can extend the life of your cooking oil, eventually it will reach a point where filtering it is no longer an option. Changing your cooking oil once it reaches the end of its lifespan will ensure your food is the best quality possible. It also prevents cross-contamination between different kinds of food being cooked in the same oil, and helps keep your fryers clean and free from carbon buildup.

Removing oil from fryers can also be a hazardous chore for kitchen staff, with the risk of spills, falls, and even burns. Leaving it to our trained personnel ensures your staff doesn’t have to take these risks. We also remove the oil straight from your fryers, eliminating the need for messy transport containers like bins and drums.

Lastly, by using our FiltaBio waste oil removal service, you’ll be contributing to sustainable business practices, namely recycling waste oil into biodiesel. This reduces your business’ impact on the environment by preventing more waste oil from being discarded in landfills.

Contact us and schedule a free demonstration. There is no charge for the demonstration. Once we perform the service for you at no cost, you may then decide whether this service will benefit your organization.

FiltaBio comes as a part of our FiltaFry service. Pricing is determined by the frequency of service, as well as the size and quantity of fryers. After your free demonstration we will be able to provide you with any necessary costs, should you decide to continue the service.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss our services and provide a quote.

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