Commercial Deep Fryer Cleaning & Oil Filtering

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How FiltaFry Works

Our technicians arrive on site to perform your cooking oil filtration service. They check your oil temperature, remove the oil from your fryers, and then clean your fryers with our vaccuum-based cleaning service. During the cleaning, your oil is filtered on site with our chemical-free microfiltration technique. Once your oil has been filtered, we return it to your fryer, ready for use, with little to no downtime. After our technician has filtered your oil, you’ll receive an email with a summary of the service. We also provide you with an environmental impact report on how you’re helping protect the environment using FiltaFry.
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The Benefits of FiltaFry

Our commercial deep fryer oil filtration and cleaning service service provides a number of benefits for you:


Cooking oil deteriorates with the build-up of burned carbons and suspended particles. Regular deep fryer oil filtering reduces this build-up, extends the life of cooking oil, and creates better food presentation.

Many fryers have built-in filters and many establishments purchase specialized filtration machines. But these filtration machines are rarely used due to a lack of trained personnel. We’ve also found many kitchen accidents are the result of burns from fryers and most, if not all, kitchen staff despise changing the oil and cleaning the fryers (so this important task is rarely performed). Also, a great deal of money is wasted by throwing away oil that could be filtered by trained personnel.

FiltaFry’s oil filtration services minimize the risks to kitchen personnel, reduce accidents and insurance claims, and increase employee retention by taking the messy undertaking of oil filtration and fryer cleaning off your hands. Other benefits of the FiltaFry service include increased cooking oil life, improved food quality, and consistently cleaner fryers. In addition, FiltaFry’s service charge is normally covered by the reduction in oil purchases and increases in labor savings.

FiltaFry will provide you with all these benefits even if you already perform your own oil filtration and fryer cleaning. By doing so, you demonstrate that you care about your oil and will therefore benefit further from the FiltaFry service. Contact us and we will provide you with a free demonstration of our services, so that you can see for yourself.

Contact us and schedule a free demonstration. There is no charge for the demonstration and once we perform the service for you at no cost, you may then decide whether this service will benefit your organization.

Pricing is determined by the frequency of service, as well as the size and quantity of fryers. After your free demonstration we will be able to provide you with any necessary costs, should you decide to continue the service.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss our services and provide a quote.

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