Cooking Oil Filtration, Fryer Management & Kitchen Cleaning Services

Keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly and safely with Filta. Our cooking oil filtration process extends the life of your cooking oil, and when it’s time for an oil change, our cooking oil recycling process safely removes your used oil to turn into eco-friendly biodiesel. 

Why Filter Your Oil?

Our cooking oil filtering service can extend the life of your cooking oil by 50%. Once the time to change your oil comes around, our staff handles the entire process, keeping your staff free to focus on serving customers instead of needing to perform risky deep fryer maintenance. Our recycling service includes cleaning 99% of carbon from your fryers to maintain your food quality. We work with your schedule, so you don’t have to worry about downtime waiting for your fryers to be back up and running. Finally, our recycling service reduces waste oil and your kitchen’s carbon footprint.

Reduced Frying Costs

Extend cooking oil life by 50% and reduce the need for frequent oil top-offs and disposal, resulting in reduced frying costs with Filta's innovative technology.

Labor Savings

Let us filter your cooking oil, clean your fryers and recycle your waste oil. Your employees can focus on what they enjoy and potentially reduce turn-over.

Increased Safety

Reduce burns and slips by limiting employee fryer maintenance. The increased safety practices could reduce insurance claims.

Improved Food Consistency

We will remove over 99% of carbon from your fryers, resulting in a consistently superior food product.


We customize a plan that works for you, work on your schedule, and eliminate the need to maintain the fryer in house!


Our solutions provide trackable carbon footprint reduction for our partners by reducing oil consumption and recycling waste.

Our Services for
Commercial Kitchens

Our services don’t stop with your deep fryers. Filta is a one-stop shop for your commercial kitchen maintenance.

We offer a full commercial kitchen cleaning service, along with other sustainable solutions. Explore our commercial drain service to keep your drains grease-free with an environmentally friendly and septic-safe solution. We’ll also help you control the humidity in your cold storage, keeping your ingredients fresher, longer and helping you save on your energy consumption.  

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Filta recycles cooking oil

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We offer more than cooking oil filtration.

We can take care of your cooking oil service needs from supply to recycling the used oil into Biodiesel. We also have eco-friendly solutions to maintain your drains, dehumidify cold storage environments, and steam clean your entire kitchen.


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