Walk-In Cooler Humidity Control with FiltaCool

Keeping your cold storage working optimally is vital to your business; we can help you keep your ingredients fresh, reduce the runtime of your cooler, and prevent accidents and spoilage.

How FiltaCool Works

Food safety experts report that monitoring temperature and humidity are the key factors in extending the shelf life of food and reducing the risk of food-borne illness. Our FiltaCool filters absorb latent heat and moisture caused by warm air entering your refrigerated storage. This helps maintain the temperature in your storage and keeps the compressors dormant, lowering energy consumption. The filter also acts as a molecular sieve, trapping food contaminants like airborne bacteria, gases, and odors that moisture vapor may carry. Should the humidity become too low/dry, FiltaCool releases fresh moisture back into the unit without releasing the trapped contaminants.

FiltaCool Benefits

FiltaCool walk-in cooler humidity control provides you with several benefits:


Walk-in cooler humidity control is essential to prolonging the quality of perishable goods. By naturally regulating humidity, FiltaCool helps reduce food spoilage, increases food’s shelf life, and reduces waste from spoiled food. Bacteria and corrosive gases are minimized, further lengthening shelf life and improving food quality for consumers. When excessive humidity is controlled, the temperature within a cold storage environment achieves a natural equilibrium, improving your refrigeration’s efficiency, making it less energy-intensive and saving money on energy costs. And equipment that runs more efficiently means less maintenance and repair costs.

The process is designed to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. Your Filta technician calculates the volume of your chilled space, which determines the number of filters required. Each FiltaCool filter is securely fitted to the ceiling of the unit. It takes minutes and allows for regular relocating, if required. Accurate temperature, humidity, and energy monitoring is performed on a regular basis to maintain the optimum storage environment. Once the panels are installed, your Filta technician regularly monitors and services them. When required, your technicians will exchange the panels for fresh ones, and take the used panels away for recycling.

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