Deep Fryer Cooking Oil Delivery

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FiltaGold fresh oil delivery
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How FiltaGold Works

When you use our FiltaFry oil filtration and recycling service, it extends the life of your oil significantly. Restaurant cooking oil, however, doesn’t last forever and will eventually need changing. Our technicians monitor the quality of your oil to let you know when it’s time to change it. When that time comes, through our FiltaGold service, our technicians will remove your used oil for recycling, clean your fryers, and then replace the oil with fresh, high-quality oil, delivered directly to your fryers. We also provide you with several top-off jugs in case you need to add some oil to your fryers between visits.

FiltaGold Benefits

FiltaGold provides your business with more benefits than just top-quality restaurant cooking oil.

Reduced Packaging Waste

We deliver our oil using Eco-Jugs, reusable oil containers that help reduce waste from disposable packaging. The average commercial kitchen throws out 1,031 pounds of waste packaging each year from cooking oil replacement alone. Our Eco-Jug system helps reduce waste from your kitchen, reducing your carbon footprint.

Safety and Convenience

Like our FiltaFry service, our FiltaGold service helps reduce the risk of workplace accidents for your kitchen staff. Our trained technicians handle the entire oil replacement process, taking the burden off your staff, as well as the risks of spills, falls, burns, and strain from lifting and lugging around heavy containers of oil.

Quality and Reliability

We pride ourselves on helping to ensure your fryers are operating at peak efficiency and performance, including the quality of your oil. We provide high-quality oil with our personal assurance that it will meet your frying needs. Our oil will bring the best taste out of your food, and allow you to deliver a delicious meal to your customers.


By using our FiltaGold service, you can get the most out of your fryer oil service from us. All your fryer needs will be handled by us, ensuring efficiency, ease of scheduling, and minimal downtime, among other benefits.

Contact us and schedule a free demonstration. There is no charge for the demonstration. Once we perform the service for you at no cost, you may then decide whether this service will benefit your organization.

FiltaGold comes as a part of our FiltaFry service. Pricing is determined by the frequency of service, as well as the size and quantity of fryers. After your free demonstration we will be able to provide you with any necessary costs, should you decide to continue the service.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss our services and provide a quote.

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