Humidity control for cold storage environments

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What is FiltaCool?

FiltaCool controls humidity in your cold storage areas which helps to keep perishable items fresh, reduce the runtime of your cooler, and prevent accidents and spoilage. 

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Filtacool Benefits

Service Benefits

Produce Savings

FiltaCool helps control food costs & increases yield by extending the shelf life of food & reducing waste.

For example, restaurants typically spend 30% of their revenue on food costs. A restaurant with an annual revenue of $1,000,000 will spend $300,000 on food. Of that $300,000, 35% is commonly spent on produce – $105,000 a year.

Using a conservative example of 2% savings on just the cost of produce, the total savings comes to $2,100/year or $175/month (plus the additional savings for other perishable food items).


$2,100yr / $175mo*

Energy Savings

Independent tests show FiltaCool lowers temperature 2-5 degrees and reduces compressor run-time and kWh demand by 10%.

For example, the average walk-in cooler (8’x 12’x 7.5’) uses 20,000 kWh per year.

The National Average cost of energy is .11 cents per kWh. So the cost to operate the cooler comes to $2,244.00 (20,400 x .11) per year.

Reducing KWh demand by 10% saves $224.40 per year or $18.70 per month on energy costs.



$224.40yr / $18.70mo*


Equipment Savings

Because the equipment does not have to work as hard to maintain lower temperature and proper humidity, the life of the equipment is extended by 33-40%, and customers using FiltaCool report maintenance and repair costs are also reduced.

For example, the cost for a 1 1/2 horsepower compressor and an 8200 BTU evaporator unit with two fans is approximately $3,000 (5 year life expectancy).

A 40% increase adds 2 years to the life of the equipment saving $172.00 per year.


$172.00yr / $14.33mo*

* Example Savings based on one 8’x 12’x 7.5’ walk-in cooler requiring four (4) FiltaCool filters

How it Works

FiltaCool works by controlling moisture levels and maintaining low temperatures within refrigerated units.

Food safety experts report that monitoring temperature and humidity are the key factors in extending the shelf life of food and reducing the risk of food-borne illness.

When warm air enters the refrigerated space, latent heat and moisture vapor are created and absorbed by the FiltaCool filters. As a result the air inside the refrigerator does not increase in temperature and the compressors stay dormant, thus lowering energy consumption.

Moisture vapor is the vehicle upon which airborne bacteria, gases (ethylene, ammonia, nitrogen and hydrogen sulphide) and odors “piggy back” and FiltaCool filters act as a molecular sieve and trap these potentially damaging “hitch-hikers”. Should the humidity become too low/dry then FiltaCool releases fresh moisture back into the unit without releasing the trapped bacteria/gases/odors.

FiltaCool At Work – Helps Your Coolers In These Areas


Excessive humidity will break down cellular integrity of perishables, while low levels of humidity dry and shrink perishable product. Icing of Coils causes elevated temperatures, longer Defrost Cycles and higher energy consumption. Wet surfaces can also lead to slips or falls and bacteria pooling.


High temperatures will accelerate bacteria growth and promote spoilage of product, while low temperatures can cause damage to product from freezing. The optimal temperature ranges should be between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Odors can transfer from one perishable item to another, which may affect consumer decisions. Coolers can also become unpleasant to use for staff and suppliers.

& Gases

Ethylene gases, Pectin gases, bacteria and oxidations promote premature ripening and spoilage of product. While gassing and oxidation do occur naturally in perishables, they can be controlled.

Frequently Asked Questions


FiltaCool lowers associated costs across the entire spectrum of cold storage operation: Food, Energy and Equipment.

By naturally regulating humidity, food spoilage is reduced and shelf life is increased. Bacteria and corrosive gases (such as ethanol and ammonia based gases, which speed up the ripening process) are minimized, resulting in food that can be stored for longer periods of time while improving food quality for consumers. When excessive humidity is controlled, the temperature within a cold storage environment achieves a natural equilibrium. This makes the refrigeration unit more efficient and less energy-intensive, saving money on energy costs. And equipment that runs more efficiently means less maintenance and repair costs, saving money over the life of the instruments.

Controlling humidity is essential to prolonging the quality of perishable goods. And because FiltaCool filters easily and naturally regulate humidity, waste is reduced and savings are maximized along all facets of your cold storage operation.

The process is designed to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. Your Filta technician will accurately ascertain the volume of your chilled space which will determine the number of filters required. Each FiltaCool filter is then secure-fitted to the ceiling of the unit. It takes minutes and allows for regular relocating, if required. Accurate temperature, humidity and energy monitoring is then performed on a regular basis to ensure that the optimum storage environment is maintained.

Yes. Once the FiltaCool panels are installed in your cooler they are regularly monitored and serviced by your trained Filta technician. The cooler will be checked for Humidity and Temperature using state of the art handheld monitoring equipment, and the results recorded for reference. When required, our technicians will exchange the FiltaCool panels for fresh ones, and take the used panels away for recycling.

Contact us and schedule a free demonstration. There is no charge for the demonstration and once we perform the service for you at no cost, you may then decide whether this service will benefit your organization.

FiltaCool is designed to save clients money from day one. The return on investment is immediate in terms of energy savings, reduction in food wastage, fresher produce, and equipment/maintenance savings. Once we provide you with a free demonstration, we will then provide you with any necessary costs, should you decide to continue the service.

Please call us toll-free at: 1-866-513-FILTA (4582) and ask. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss our services and provide a quote.

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