Oil Management & Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens

Whatever the industry, we’re ready to help your business with deep fryer oil management, kitchen cleaning, and more. Our customers go beyond fast-food franchises and restaurants; we have over 8,500 customers who benefit from our services weekly.

Industries We Serve

Here are some of the industries to which we provide oil management and kitchen cleaning services:


From quick service restaurants (QSRs) to full-service establishments, from fast-food franchises to independent, family-owned restaurants, commercial-grade deep fryers are a staple piece of equipment.


Many bars also serve food, and deep-fried food is one of the easiest kinds to prepare and serve.

Hospitals and Continuing Care

Hospitals and long-term care centers need to feed their long-term patients, and many of them operate a commercial kitchen to feed not only the patients, but their staff, too.

Entertainment Venues

Movie theaters, bowling alleys, amusement/theme parks, sports stadiums, racetracks, and convention centers; concession stands that serve fried food can be found at all these entertainment/event venues.

Hotels and Casinos

The hospitality industry often involves feeding guests, and that means a commercial kitchen for attached restaurants and cafeterias.

Schools and Colleges

Hungry students need a cafeteria to serve them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a cafeteria needs a commercial kitchen.

Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores offer pre-cooked food, including fried foods, which needs the right equipment to make it.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)/Lodges

Community and nonprofit organizations like the VFW often host fundraising events that involve food, or provide meals for their members during their meetings, and feeding that many people requires a commercial-grade kitchen.
Other industries that we provide oil management and other services to include flower shops (with cold storage humidity control service), airports, corporate cafeterias, convenience stores, and churches.

Hear from Our Customers

You don’t have to take just our word on the quality of our services. Here are some statements from our customers:

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