Commercial Drain Service & Maintenance with FiltaDrain

Let us help you keep your drains clear of blockages, build-up, flies, and foul odors. Our preventative commercial drain service helps keep your drains flowing with our environmentally friendly DrainFoam.

How FiltaDrain Works

With our weekly commercial drain maintenance service, our technicians regularly visit your business and apply DrainFoam, our specially formulated, all-natural, septic-safe, bacterial drain-cleaning foam. This foam eats the fats, oils, greases, starches, and sugars that build up in your drains and can cause blockages and odors. Blocked drains can also serve as breeding grounds for drain flies, so removing this build-up helps eliminate them, too.

DrainFoam keeps direct contact with pipe surfaces, enabling it to work over an extended period, which is more effective than non-foaming drain cleaners. After one month of regular treatments, your drains will be running better, and further treatments will help prevent further build-up.

FiltaDrain Benefits

Our preventative commercial drain service provides the following benefits:


DrainFoam is a complete commercial drain service designed to naturally remove fats, oils and grease; as well as sugars, starches, and other organic material that can cause blockages, slow running drains, and foul odors.
DrainFoam contains no caustic chemicals, emulsifiers, solvents, or soaps. It also produces no dangerous fumes. DrainFoam is a green product, consisting of 100% pure, live, vegetative bacteria, which is biodegradable, non-pathogenic, and non-toxic.
DrainFoam bacterium consumes fats, oils, greases, sugars, and starches that result from pot washing sinks, dishwashing machines, spills and even cooking vapor. These sources cause 75% of commercial drain line problems and serve as breeding grounds for drain flies. DrainFoam also eliminates drain odors. DrainFoam can be used on all commercial drains: kitchen, bar, and restroom.
DrainFoam is pending Safer Choice Certification.

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