Ken Melick Grew his Filta Franchise Business to $10 Million in a Decade

Ken Melick switched from being an investment advisor to franchise ownership 10 years ago. Today, his Filta territory in the Midwest boasts revenue of $10 million. He expanded by strategically acquiring other franchise territories. He expects to grow further by introducing new products like the recently launched FiltaClean, our brand’s deep-cleaning service. This is how Ken Melick grew his Filta franchise business to $10 million in a decade as he recently told CincyInno and the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Territory by Territory Expansion

Ken initially purchased the Columbus, Ohio franchise in 2014. Over the next decade, he expanded in Ohio to Cincinnati and Dayton, into Kentucky to Louisville and Lexington, and on into territory in neighboring Indiana.

Deep Bench of Commercial Kitchen Accounts

Some of his main accounts include the Great American Ball Park (GABP – home of the Cincinnati Reds), Paycor Stadium (home of the Cincinnati Bengals), Churchhill Downs in Louisville, and Gainbridge Fieldhouse (home of the Indiana Pacers).


Ken services a myriad of other commercial kitchens in the Midwest including universities like Miami University, Ohio State, University of Kentucky and Purdue University as well as hospitals like the Kettering Network in Dayton and a myriad of restaurants, business facilities and more.

Ken Melick Grew his Filta Franchise Business to $10 Million in a Decade

“Fueled by vision, determination, and Filta’s franchise, Ken’s journey exemplifies how strategic acquisitions can propel a business to new heights,” said Filta VP of Franchise Development Rob Totten. “His success empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to explore both organic and inorganic growth strategies.”


The Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions network reaches nationwide and is comprised of about 130 individual owner operators.


To learn more about Ken’s journey, read the full story about his path to success here. To read recent coverage in the Cincinnati Business Courier/CincyInno, click here.

Franchise Information

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