Filta Serves More Than 50 Dairy Queens Nationwide

Did you know that Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions serves more than 50 Dairy Queens nationwide? In fact, three Filta owners were recently highlighted in Retail & Restaurant Facility Business for their Dairy Queen work. That story focused on how Filta makes those kitchens run faster, greener, safer, and cleaner.

Filta Ohio

Filta Ohio

Terry Walkerly serves nine Dairy Queens in northern Ohio. One has been a Filta customer as long as 15 years. At all the restaurants, Terry’s team microfilters existing oil to extend its life (FiltaFry). Additionally, he picks up waste oil to be recycled for biodiesel fuel (FiltaBio). Regardless of which service, all Filta franchise owners will customize their approach to meet the unique needs of individual kitchens.


“We’ll adjust service based on seasonality, usage and basically any type of service the individual Dairy Queen wants,” said Melissa Smith-Hignite, Walkerly’s VP of sales and marketing.


Filta Michigan

The Brals – Filta Michigan

In Romeo, Mich., Filta Franchisee Steve Bral works with his local Dairy Queen. Steve microfilters, cleans, and removes waste oil from two 50-pound fryers.


Steve started Filta in his Michigan territory in 2018. He began with two employees, one vehicle, and less than 10 customers. Today, his family-owned business has 15 employees (13 full time and two part-time) and seven vehicles. Together, they service more than 130 customers. These include Dairy Queen, Little Caesars Arena, and University of Michigan stadiums. Other customers include Ascension, Corewell–Beaumont, and DMC hospitals. Corporate clients feature GM, Ford, Stellantis, and Toyota.

Filta Pennsylvania

The Hoovers – Filta Pennsylvania

David and Laurie Hoover along with their son Zach, are South-Central Pennsylvania Filta franchise owners. They serve a Dairy Queen in Steelton, Penn., which they brought on at the height of the pandemic.


“Zach came in and offered a trial,” said Dharmesh Makwana, Steelton Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Owner. “They cleaned the fryer once and the chicken strips were coming out golden brown instead of dark. I never have bad reviews. Sales for my fried products have doubled since I started working with Filta.”


The Hoover’s team cleans Makwana’s two 50-pound fryers and removes waste oil twice a week during the summer. Winter is slower. Subsequently, the Hoovers customize their service to once-a-week to save Dairy Queen money.

Filta Serves More Than 50 Dairy Queens Nationwide

Read the full article in the October issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business.


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