Miami Herald: Filta’s Miami-Dade Franchisees Filtered, Collected Oil to Recycle for Biodiesel, Saving 280 Tons of Carbon Emission in 2022

Per the Miami Herald: Filta’s Miami-Dade Franchisees Filtered, Collected Oil to Recycle for Biodiesel, Saving 280 Tons of Carbon Emission in 2022. Miami Herald climate change reporter Nicolas Rivero recently spoke with Cristian Nechuta, co-owner of the Miami-Dade County Filta franchise. In the story he details how this one franchise is positively impacting the environment.


In 2022 the Miami-Dade franchise collected 23,000 gallons of cooking oil that was recycled into biodiesel. This prevented about 230 tons of carbon emissions. Using microfiltration, the franchise helped customers stretch the life of their current oil. This prevented them from buying another 21,000 gallons of oil. It also eliminated another 50 tons of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. This had a total positive impact of 280 tons of carbon emissions reduction for the year.


Three franchise territories serve South Florida: Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. Nechuta co-owns the Miami-Dade franchise with Sergio Moya. Their business filters recycles oil into biodiesel from a host of commercial kitchens in restaurants. These include Cerveceria La Tropical in Wynwood (which was a major focus of the Miami Herald article) and hospitals like Jackson Health System and the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. They also work with universities like Florida International University and Miami-Dade College. Additionally, they service stadiums like LoanDepot Park where the Miami Marlins play and the Homestead-Miami Speedway. Furthermore Filta Miami-Dade works in corporate dining and kitchens at Telemundo, Royal Caribbean, FPL and the Burger King headquarters.


The article concludes with the following statement attributed to George Philippidis, director of the sustainable energy concentration at the University of South Florida: “There isn’t enough used cooking oil in the world to meet all of our fuel needs…but because biofuels made from used cooking oils emit less carbon than biofuels made from other feedstocks, it’s a good idea to recycle every drop of cooking oil companies like Filta can collect.”


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