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Our fryer cleaning and oil management services help you save time, money and stress.

  • Offset your short-staffed kitchen
  • Extend the life of your cooking oil with micro-filtration
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Achieve consistent food quality with optimum grade oil

Our Services

Kitchen Fryer Management & Cooking Oil Filtration


Filta Drain Service

Commercial Drain Cleaning Service


Commercial Kitchen Bin-Free Oil Management


FiltaCool humidity control for cold storage environments

Commercial Cold Storage Filter


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Our team is here to help with environmental kitchen solutions in the greater Pittsburgh area. Our service offerings include commercial fryer management, oil filtration and collection, and more that help you save time, money, and stress, all in an eco-friendly manner. Learn more about our services and why Pennsylvania businesses have trusted Filta to get the job done right since 1996.


Streamline kitchen operation once and for all with our commercial kitchen cleaning services. Contact us for a free, no-commitment demo. 

Premium Oil Management Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our oil management services can help your business save money, limit staff injuries, and protect the environment from irresponsible waste oil removal. Filta technicians are trained in waste oil removal techniques that reduce spills, slips, and injuries for your staff. Our deep fryer cleaning service in Pittsburgh has been our forte since our start in 1996, so you can trust us to handle the task responsibly. Our customers depend on our proprietary cooking oil filtration service to get 40-50% more life out of their restaurant’s cooking oil. We can lock in bulk oil prices for sustainable costs long-term.

Filta Drain Service

Commercial Drain Cleaning Service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fats, grease, oils, and sugars can build up in your drain quickly and cause backups that are a nightmare to handle on your own. Leaving a clogged drain unattended can cause long-term damage to your pipes, and lead to festering bacteria and awful odors for ideal breeding conditions for pesky fruit flies. Our FiltaDrain technicians clear up your drains by treating them with a formulated super foam that starts eating away at the grime instantly. After the first month, you’ll notice the difference our DrainFoam and drain management services make compared to bleach or other cleaners.

filtacool bag install
FiltaCool humidity control for cold storage environments

Kitchen Cooler Optimization Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Control the moisture levels and humidity of your refrigeration unit to avoid mold and spoiled perishables. Excess moisture can lead to bacteria buildup that contributes to foodborne illness. Commit to the FiltaCool humidity control freezer filter to extend the life of your equipment and your perishables by up to 50%, all while minimizing mold growth. FiltaCool can also help you lower your energy bills and reduce cold storage operating expenses. We serve businesses across multiple industries such as restaurant, hospitality, and healthcare with our commercial cold storage filters.

Complete Waste Oil Removal Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Once your fryer oil has reached the end of its useful life, we can safely collect and remove it from your site. Other used cooking oil recycling companies leave collection oil drums or containers which attract pests and are a safety hazard to your staff. Our commercial kitchen bin-free oil management services save you time and money by improving your facility’s working environment. As waste oil recyclers, we understand the impact oil has on the environment. We can reduce your environmental footprint by recycling spent oil into eco-friendly biodiesel.



People-first environment, great benefits, fun team – the only thing we’re missing is YOU!

Join a team that rewards your unique skills and consistent service in an independent but team-oriented environment! Apply online now for our open positions.

We hire motivated, dependable individuals with clean driving records and the ability to work a flexible schedule. You must have a valid driver’s license. Good communication is essential to serving customers in the field. We provide the required training to operate equipment and perform services.

Our benefits include health insurance, retirement fund, paid vacation time after 6 months, paid training and laundered uniforms, company events throughout the year, and a referral program. We fast-track your career development with three performance and pay reviews in the first year.

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We’ll Reach Out – Our operations team will call you. 
  • Interview & Warehouse Tour – Learn more about the role, our company, and our warehouse to see if it’s right for you.
  • Ride Along with Supervisor – Shadow a supervisor on a customer visit and observe our technicians at work.
  • Offer Meeting & Drug Test – If you’re a good fit, we’ll meet to review the final details with you and have you take a drug test.
  • Your First Day – You’ll fill out paperwork, get a uniform & boots and begin training in the field.
  • Training & Testing – After 3 weeks of paid training, we’ll test your service skills and how you handle the equipment.
  • Get Your Route – You’ll receive your weekly customer route.
  • Performance Reviews to Make More Money – We’ll review your performance after 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year. You’ll learn about incentives to make more money and grow in the company.

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