Filta Environmental Awareness Program​

Filta Group has been helping the environment before being environmentally friendly was called “Being Green.”

Filta believes it is our personal responsibility to contribute to the environment. We’re constantly in search of ways to be green internally and externally and strive every day to continue to do our part to preserve the environment. Every product and service that we offer goes through rigorous testing to ensure that we are increasing sustainability while saving our customers money. We believe it’s our responsibility to keep you aware of what you can do to contribute.

From farm to table, most people never consider what it actually takes to get oil to a fryer and the impact it has on the environment.

Our Goal

Our Goal at Filta is to help build awareness on how consumers, restaurants and small businesses can run a sustainable restaurant, business and household.

Be Recognized for Your Commitment

We appreciate our customers’ business and participation in our oil recycling program and we want our customers to be able to spread the word about the importance of recycling and sustainability.

As a Filta Customer, you can receive regular Environmental Impact Reports™, detailing your contribution to the environment.

Did You Know

Making commercial kitchens faster, greener, safer, and cleaner

Filta recycles cooking oil

Pounds of Oil Saved