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The FiltaFry service includes the micro filtration of cooking oil and a vacuum based detailing of the fryers. The service extends the life of the cooking oil, enhances food consistency and adds a layer of safety for kitchen workers. 
A person pushing a large, metal cooking oil filtration unit up a ramp into a Filta branded van.


Our FiltaBio service is the removal of used cooking oil directly from the fryer to a mobile storage tank onboard the Filta vehicle, eliminating the need for a waste oil bin. The used oil is then converted into Biodiesel. 


FiltaCool is an eco-friendly solution to control moisture levels in refrigeration units and walk-in coolers. It can help reduce costs, improve cooler hygiene and maintain fresher produce.

FiltaCool Bag
Close up of a person wearing gloves applying cleaning agent to a commercial drain


FiltaDrain is a highly concentrated, live, non-toxic probiotic foam sprayed into drains to consume fats, oils, grease, sugars, and starches which can build up and block drains, cause odors, and become a breeding ground for drain flies. 

Great Reasons to Use Filta

Reduced Frying Costs

Extend cooking oil life by 50% and reduce the need for frequent oil top-offs and disposal, resulting in reduced frying costs with Filta's innovative technology.

Labor Savings

Let us filter your cooking oil, clean your fryers and recycle your waste oil. Your employees can focus on what they enjoy and potentially reduce turn-over.

Increased Safety

Reduce burns and slips by limiting employee fryer maintenance. The increased safety practices could reduce insurance claims.

Improved Food Consistency

We will remove over 99% of carbon from your fryers, resulting in a consistently superior food product.


We customize a plan that works for you, work on your schedule, and eliminate the need to maintain the fryer in house!


Our solutions provide trackable carbon footprint reduction for our partners by reducing oil consumption and recycling waste.

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