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We Come to You

All services are provided on site with minimal down time. We schedule around your operating hours to keep your kitchen running smoothly and safely. 

When the time comes, we provide our FiltaFry clients with on-site pickup of your used cooking oil. Our pickup service eliminates the need for bins and oil barrels that can wear out, develop leaks, be unsightly to your business’s customers, and attract pests like rats and insects.

We Handle Everything

When you sign up for our FiltaFry service, you can leave everything to us. We come to your location and filter your oil on-site with our three-stage microfiltration process. We use a vacuum based cleaning service to remove the carbon waste from your fryers at cooking temperature, so you don’t have to worry about downtime. When your oil comes to the end of its lifespan, we remove it from site for you. That way, your staff doesn’t have to worry about the risks of oil spills, burns, or other accidents.

Good for the Environment

Our waste oil pickup service doesn’t just take your used cooking oil to a landfill or disposal site. Instead, we recycle the oil into biodiesel, helping reduce waste and creating an environmentally friendly alternative fuel. We also provide you with an environmental impact report so you can show your customers how your business helps protect the environment.

Good for Business

Deep cleaning your kitchen, scrubbing fryers, and disposing of waste oil is a hassle for your staff. It delays cooking time, risks kitchen accidents with hot oil and slipping on spills, and if you don’t employ a waste oil pickup service, it means finding a location that accepts waste oil and dealing with transportation yourself. Our services handles all of that, relieving your staff of the burden, reducing the risk of accidents, and helping you maintain the quality of your food.