With increasing innovation in commercial refrigeration, the market is expected to grow by 5.2% from 2023 to 2030. To improve your commercial kitchen, you should consider making some upgrades and changing your energy usage.

Making your equipment more energy efficient can reduce the cost of electricity bills. By reducing your electricity usage, you’ll improve your bottom line and get more from your refrigeration equipment.

Ready to learn how to do it? Be sure to use these energy-efficient tips when using commercial refrigeration equipment.

Maintain Your Equipment

Preventative equipment maintenance is essential if you want to keep your walk-in cooler or equipment working efficiently. If any of the components of your refrigerator are clogged or damaged in some way, the equipment won’t work as well.

Be sure that the condenser, compressor, evaporator coils, and other components are in good shape and well-maintained if you want to reduce energy usage.

Maintain Equipment Temperatures

To ensure energy efficiency with commercial refrigeration equipment, maintain the right temperature at all times. Avoid keeping equipment cooler than necessary. Doing so will make your equipment work harder and use more energy than it has to.

Controlling humidity also helps improve efficiency. Consider using FiltaCool to control humidity in cold storage areas and keep perishable items fresh. Doing so will also help maintain temperatures within a cold storage environment and reduce the runtime of your cooler.

Monitor Your Equipment Remotely

To keep a commercial freezer or other equipment from using too much energy, it’s a good idea to use remote monitoring tools.

Monitoring the temperature remotely allows you to check the power usage and performance of the equipment. This will help you get a clearer idea of the status of your refrigeration equipment and give you some insight into potential improvements.

Change the Refrigerant Type

To ensure energy efficiency, consider changing the refrigerant that your equipment is using. Using newer, eco-friendly refrigerants can help you save a lot of energy.

You’ll want to evaluate your systems carefully. Ensure that you’re using a refrigerant that is the best choice for your equipment.

Upgrade Your Equipment

One great way to improve energy efficiency is to upgrade your equipment. It can be well worth making the switch to a high-efficiency restaurant refrigerator, even though it will cost you initially.

Try to find Energy Star refrigeration appliances that meet high standards when it comes to energy efficiency. Doing so can help improve your energy usage even with little change to how you use your equipment.

Improving Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

If you want to make your commercial refrigeration equipment more efficient, start by getting it regularly inspected and maintained. You should also work to keep the proper temperature and humidity and consider upgrading to energy-efficient equipment.

If you need help with commercial kitchen cleaning and maintenance, consider working with Filta. We service over 8,500 customers every week and have the experience and resources to help your commercial kitchen succeed.

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