Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen Services

Learn more about each of the services we offer, and how we can support your business.

Restaurant Services with Sustainability in Mind

We pride ourselves on offering services that are eco-friendly. We reduce waste through filtration and recycling to helping produce green biofuel. Our team uses a probiotic cleaning foam instead of potentially harmful chemicals. By incorporating our services into the maintenance of your kitchen and other facilities, you’re helping promote sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices.


Our signature restaurant service provides your commercial kitchen with on-site oil filtration, using our vacuum-based oil filtration system. Our oil filtering service can extend the life of your cooking oil by up to 50%, as well as eliminate 99% of carbon from your fryers, maintaining the quality of your food. When it comes time to change your oil, there’s no need for oil drums or bins that can attract pests—just leave it to our technicians. We handle all the fryer cleaning and oil recycling, keeping your kitchen staff safe and lowering the risk of burns, spills, and other accidents. Best of all, our oil recycling is environmentally friendly and reduces oil waste, as well as your kitchen’s carbon footprint.


Commercial kitchens need to be regularly cleaned to meet health and safety regulations. We offer a full-scale restaurant cleaning service. Using steam-based cleaning techniques, we help keep your kitchen clean, from the equipment to the walls, ceilings, and floors. With FiltaClean, your kitchen will benefit in a variety of ways, including enhanced hygiene, risk reduction, and regulation compliance.


Many commercial kitchens and other businesses have cold storage, and that needs maintenance too—especially humidity control. Our restaurant services include humidity filtration, using special ceiling-mounted filters that absorb moisture. Our humidity filters help you keep your cold-stored ingredients and products fresh. 


Our drain cleaning service for commercial kitchens helps keep drains clear of built-up grease, fats, oils, sugars, starches, and other substances that can become a breeding ground for flies or bacteria. We use an environmentally friendly probiotic drain foam that eats these materials building up in your drain lines, reducing odors, preventing blockage in your pipes, and reducing the chance of emergency calls. Our drain foam is also septic-safe, so we can service your lines no matter what system you use.

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