Filta Mission Statement
Filta Mission Statement

Hello! We’re glad you are here. Let us introduce ourselves. We are Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions and you’re here because one of your friends or colleagues thinks we should meet. 

You’ve probably never heard of us otherwise you would most likely already be taking advantage of our amazing services. We are on a mission to make commercial kitchens faster, greener, safer and cleaner. In fact it is literally our mission!

We are accomplishing it one kitchen at a time because of our amazing customers and the referrals they provide. It all starts with one referral from one customer.   

Just One referral program

By using our oil filtering and recycling service, humidity control service, probiotic drain cleaning service, or our eco-friendly kitchen cleaning service, you can help us continue on our mission.

We would love to visit with you to conduct a free, no-obligation site evaluation to see if our services are right for you. Contact your local Filta Representative and make sure they know who referred you so we can thank them personally. 

Together we will make a difference- one fryer, one cooler, one drain, one kitchen, one customer at a time. JustONE.